Whether you’re wrapping up your first gig or a launching world tour, we have a strap for you. Levy’s offers a wide range of high-quality straps in countless colors, patterns, textures and styles, suited to every need and taste.


Our best-selling line of straps calls back to our rich heritage of straight-forward style, featuring solid colors and understated designs in suede, leather, cotton and polyester.


Levy’s Country Western strap series embodies the diversity of American Country music, from the glamour of Nashville to the Desperado cowboy and traditional designs of the Native American Southwest.


You deserve the best, and so does your guitar. The Deluxe series stands apart from the crowd, with refined designs that perfectly complement your prized possession.


Our Heirloom series is more than a strap. It’s a legacy, crafted to last a lifetime. A companion, built to be played on, and passed down from generation to generation.


Your guitar strap should be every bit as bold and unique as you and your music. Levy’s Prints Series brings brilliant designs and images to life in stunning detail.


Levy’s Rebel series straps embody the free spirit in every musician. You define your own sound, on your own terms. Live your legacy.


Defined by the iconic, unique Levy’s Walnut Patch, the Signature series is the hallmark of quality, and a known commodity, instantly recognizable by musicians everywhere.


The things that move you, mold your music. Levy’s Specialty Series features a variety of designs that speak to the things that inspire us, from our favorite musicians and our faith, to the causes we champion.


A little like a remastered vintage album or cover of a classic song, our Textures series takes something great and puts a special spin on it, using unique fabrics, treatments and textures.




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