Burgundy Moon Phases Black Garment Leather Guitar Strap – MG317MP-BLK-BRG

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Each phase of the moon has been said to affect one’s personality, daily outlook, and our lives overall. Levy’s new Moon Phases guitar straps represent these changes we all experience and how our musical creativity reflects these. These Moon Phases guitar straps feature a beautifully embroidered illustration of moon phases on a padded black leather strap. Available in 4 embroidered colors-Brown, Burgundy, Black, and Green

This Levy’s Moon Phases strap is 2.5 Inches wide and built with soft black garment leather. Along the length of the strap is an embroidered depiction of the phases of the moon in burgundy.

Levy’s 2.5″ Black Padded Garment Leather Guitar Strap

Moon Phases embroidery in Burgundy

Adjustable to 55″

Soft Garment Leather

Handcrafted In Nova Scotia, Canada

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