How to attach a strap to a guitar

Electric guitars, electric bass guitars, and some acoustic guitars are equipped with two strap pins – one at the lower bout, and the other at the top horn or close to the base of the neck. Attaching a guitar strap to an electric guitar, bass guitar or acoustic guitar like this is straightforward – put the pinhole of one end of the strap over one pin, and put the pinhole of the other end of the strap over the other pin. Although it doesn’t really matter which end of the strap goes on which pin of the guitar, our straps are designed so that you’ll look your best if the adjustment end of the strap is attached to the lower bout pin of the guitar.

How to attach a guitar strap to an electric guitar

Many acoustic guitars are equipped with only one strap pin – at the heel of the lower bout. Although a second strap pin can be easily installed by any qualified guitar technician, it is not necessary in order to use a guitar strap. Use a lace (sold separately) by looping it through the pinhole of one end of the strap and tying it around the headstock of the guitar by the nut under the strings. Put the pinhole of the other end of the strap over the strap pin of the guitar.

Classical acoustic guitars are not equipped with any strap pins. However, Levy’s provides several strap designs specifically for these guitars. Each strap consists of a closed loop, worn around the neck, or over one shoulder and under the opposite arm (usually the right arm for a right-handed player). At the end of the loop is a braided lace with a plastic hook. Lead the lace behind and under the guitar at its waist, and back up in front to the sound-hole. Hook the plastic hook into the bottom of the sound-hole, allowing the guitar’s waist to rest on the braid. Note, when using a classical guitar strap on a classical guitar, the player must at all times keep at least one hand on the guitar to prevent it from tipping forward and falling.

How to adjust the length of a guitar strap with a feed-through adjustment system

Every Levy’s guitar strap is designed so that its length can be adjusted to the player’s liking. Most of our webbing straps have a tri-glide adjustment system, which is found on just about every consumer item that has adjustable straps. However, most of our leather straps have a feed-through adjustment system, which is not as common. Here is a guide to adjusting the length of the latter type of guitar strap.

Guitar Strap Length Adjustment
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