2″ Down Under Series Poly Guitar Strap-Bird and Snake – MP2DU-001

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This Levy’s 2″ Poly Down under Series Guitar Strap is printed in a Bird and Snake design done in a traditional dart art style. As part of the initial launch of this series, it is the first of many designs planned to honor this style. This poly strap comes with Black Leather ends and is adjustable from 35” to 60”

The Levy’s new Down Under guitar straps are a beautiful adaptation of the creative works of traditional dot artists and represent the beauty of the natural world in all its aspects. The Down Under collection is inspired by traditional dot art and features the beauty of nature in its purest form. This series of printed straps covers landscapes, the animal world, the universe, and everything in between. Available in 3 styles-Bird and Snake, Sunset, and Landscape.

Levy’s 2″ Down Under Series polyester guitar strap

Bird and Snake Design

Ajustable a 60 ″

One-ply printed polyester guitar strap

Leather ends

Black plastic loop and slide hardware

Adjustable from 35″ to 60″.

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