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Summer IT’S-AN-AVOCADO Giveaway!

Levy’s is excited to announce a new giveaway! Enter for a chance to win THREE of the hottest items of the summer!

Head over to Levy’s Instagram to enter to win:

– Like this post and tag a friend
– Follow @levysmusic on Instagram
– Winner to be announced via social media 

Smoke Forged Guitar Hanger

The forged steel hangers by Levy’s safely support most stringed instruments, including electric, acoustic and bass guitars. The leather-wrapped swivel yokes are constructed of solid steel and allow each hanger to properly cradle the instrument, while the matching leather-wrapped standoff ensures the guitar sits far enough off the wall to accommodate both straight and angled headstocks. A matching leather disk covers the mounting plate and included screw hardware for a clean and stylish presentation.

Avocado Print Guitar Strap

The fruit salad line has you covered with an array of edibles that will surely delight your family, friends, fans, and audiences. Get out your board shorts and flip-flops because these gems will remind you that it’s all about having a good time. Levy’s Avocado Print Guitar strap features garment leather ends and a vintage logo. The strap is adjustable from 35″ to 60.”

Levy’s Deluxe 200 Series Gig Bag

These deluxe gig bags provide case-like protection without sacrificing the portability of a bag. Your guitar is guarded by 25Mm-thick, foam-padded walls with plush lining to prevent scratches. The exterior is covered with tan-colored polyester fabric. Brass metal zippers with leather pulls stand out for a stylish appearance. Padded backpack straps can be adjusted to the desired fit, along with a side handle and grab Handle for alternative carrying modes. Easily store a tuner, strings, picks, and other accessories inside the large exterior zipper pocket and smaller front compartment.

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Guitars For Vets Presents “The 21 Guitar Salute”

Live music celebration honors Veterans living with the challenges of PTSD

[MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, June 21] June is National PTSD Awareness Month and Guitars for Vets (G4V) will be hosting their 11th annual awareness and fundraiser at Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery on Tuesday, June 21st from 5:00 PM – 10:30 PM CST. The event, hosted by Danika Tramburg (Miss Wisconsin 2019), will feature performances by G4V Veterans, Willy Porter Band, Kharma Shotgun, Drivin N Cryin and special guest, Joey Belladonna (Anthrax).  The $50 ticket includes a buffet style dinner by Mission BBQ, free event t-shirt and a drink ticket. To purchase tickets and view more event information please go to

“Guitars for Vets has provided over 6,000 guitars and 60,000 lessons to U.S. Military Veterans living with Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD),” adds Eric Weinstein, Executive Director, Guitars for Vets. “Our 800 plus volunteers throughout the nation are dedicated to bringing this program to every Veteran that seeks our support.  Business Corporations and individuals continue to demonstrate their generosity and patriotism by supporting G4V and many lives will be enriched by the G4V mission.”

“We are looking forward to helping those who have volunteered to sacrifice so much for us. For without them we have nothing,” says G4V Ambassadors Joey and Krista Belladonna.

Guitars For Vets (G4V) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that supports U.S. military veterans living with the challenges of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) by providing them with free guitars and lessons. To date, G4V and its more than 800 volunteers have gifted nearly 6,000 new guitars and 60,000 music lessons to those that have endured the wounds of war. All of the instruments and accessories are provided free of charge to the Veterans in the program, but the cost must be met through donations of money and guitars. 

“Patience, acceptance, gratitude, empathy (PAGE), are the guiding principles of the Guitars for Vets mission and the guitar is the catalyst for positive human interaction.” – G4V Cofounder Patrick Nettesheim

Give directly to G4V by texting G4V to 443-21 or by going and clicking on the donate button.

Levy’s is a proud sponsor of Guitars for Vets. Help support by checking out our speciality straps HERE. Proceeds support U.S. military veterans living with PTSD.

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Guitar World article features Levy’s Right Height Guitar Strap

*Repost from GuitarWorld. View the original article HERE

Innovative design features patent-pending RipChord technology for quick and easy height adjustments – even while you’re wearing the strap

When we talk about guitar straps, we tend to focus primarily on how they look, or perhaps how they feel against our bodies. And while these are important features, one aspect that tends to get overlooked is the ease with which the strap can be adjusted to a desired length. And sometimes, it’s worth noting, this desired length can change depending on the setting or usage.

To be sure, this is something that ace guitar player and instructor R.J. Ronquillo has observed. “I’ve been playing guitar for over 35 years now,” he says in the above demo video, “and one thing I’ve come to realize is that where my guitar is in relationship to my body and my body parts really makes a difference in my playing. As I’ve gotten older, the ergonomics and my playing position has started to matter.” 

That being said, R.J. continues, “I don’t wear my guitar strap the same length for every scenario or with every guitar. It varies depending on the situation and a couple factors.”

Those factors include whether, for example, he’s standing onstage with his guitar slung low, or sitting down in a studio or rehearsal room with the instrument closer to his body. 

But now, thanks to Levy’s, you don’t have to struggle to resize your guitar strap to fit the scenario at hand. The company has a new and ingenious line of guitar straps called Right Height, which feature patent pending RipChord Technology for quick and easy height adjustments –  even while you’re wearing the strap. 

To perform adjustments with the Right Height strap, all you have to do is just reach behind your back to locate the handle, and then pull down to loosen or up to tighten. 

“It’s super-easy to adjust,” R.J. confirms. “You can pull the rip cord in either direction to adjust the length quickly and easily without having to take off your guitar.”

Which is great for players like R.J., who, like many of us, prefers to sit down with his guitar at sessions or rehearsals, but still likes to have a strap pulled tight so that his guitar feels secure while sitting on his leg. 

“But then there are situations where I like to stand up, whether it’s to stretch my legs or get into a whole vibe of wearing the guitar lower and rocking out,” he says. “With the Right Height strap it’s super-easy. Just pull on the rip cord and you instantly have a longer strap.”

Other scenarios where the Right Height strap comes in handy? How about for gigging musicians that run a wireless onstage, but only have one pack attached to their strap? “If you have to switch guitars during the set and the other guitar is a different body shape, you can quickly make adjustments accordingly and with the guitar on your body,” R.J says.

In addition to being super functional, the Right Height strap looks great to boot, sporting a hand-crafted, intricately woven, ‘60s-style hootenanny blue, black, yellow and gold motif. The strap measures two inches in width, and is adjustable in length from 43 inches to 57 inches. Additionally, it’s constructed of an incredibly strong, lightweight jacquard fabric with polypropylene backing for durability, and boasts stitching on both genuine leather ends to prevent pin hole stretching for long-lasting guitar or bass security. 

There are over a dozen Right Height designs to choose from to match your style and personality, including leather, cotton, polyester, neoprene options and eye-catching, popular prints and patterns. There is even an ergonomic design with a split strap style to greatly reduce fatigue during those long playing sessions. 

Pick one up now and get your guitar hanging at the “right height,” every time.

And to learn more and shop local dealers, head to

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Levy’s Newest Products Offer Something for Every Guitarist

Tampa, FL – Levy’s prides itself in providing best-in-class solutions for any guitarist, branching beyond the traditional guitar strap.

Levy’s newest 3.25”- wide garment leather guitar straps from the M26GP series, provide extra comfort during gigs. We know most gigs run longer than an hour, and no matter how heavy (or light) your guitar is, its weight tests your stamina the longer you strum away. These comfortably padded straps feature garment leather on both the front and back to keep you relaxed and focused on what matters most – your performance.

“We are excited to bring another addition to our popular M26 series with the M26GP,” said Gator Product Management Director Rob McCoy. “As our team knows, every guitar needs a strap, and our M26GP brings comfort to your guitar with its high-quality padding to ensure you can handle those long gigs and eliminate fatigue you might have experienced in the past.”

Available in all black, dark brown, or dark brown and cream, these straps are handcrafted in Nova Scotia, Canada, using genuine leather. They adjust in length between 37”/940mm – 51”/1295mm with ladder style feed-thru adjustment; and offer pinhole stitching on leather ends prevents stretching.

Next up is a printed strap line featuring eight incredibly unique and hip motifs. The printed 2” polyester strap series starts with two infamous staples at the breakfast table, the chicken & waffle and glazed donuts motifs. These two are also joined by well-known cyber cat, colorful flamingo, and retro 90’s paper cup pattern. Also included in this series are some traditional favorites; Japanese dragon, Japanese tiger and American Rosie the Riveter Motifs.

Adding to its popular Right Height line, Levy’s released its Right Height™ 3.5”-wide garment leather padded bass guitar strap in black. The Right Height features patent-pending RipChord technology for tightening and loosening the strap without the fuss of having to remove your guitar. To perform quick and easy height adjustments, reach behind your back to locate the handle and simply pull down to tighten or pull up to loosen.

The extra strap width and internal foam padding provides superior comfort, and a stylish garment leather top will surely catch attention, along with suede backing to keep your axe from slipping.

More from Levy’s Right Height line includes the Right Height™ lightning bolt motif strap; Black & white checkered motif strap; blue, black, yellow & gold hootenanny strap; white, black & gold hootenanny strap; and blue, white & black floral hootenanny strap.

All Right Height straps are adjustable in length from 43” to 57” and are constructed of incredibly strong, lightweight one-ply polyester. Stitching on both leather ends prevents pinhole stretching to provide long-lasting security for your electric or acoustic guitar or bass.

Levy’s takes it beyond the straps with something any guitarist would want to “ring” in the new year with. The company introduced its 4-Pack of stretchy rubber guitar strap locks for two (2) guitars in black and orange. The Ring Blocks by Levy’s provide a safe alternative to those bulky metal strap locks. Simply attach your strap of choice to the strap pins and install the Ring Blocks over each pin. The rubber locks will keep your guitar safely secured to the strap and ensure you still have a future career in gigging.

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Levy’s Teams with Guitars 4 Vets on Veterans Day 🇺🇸

Tampa, FL – They say laughter is the best medicine. But for many veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), musical instruments are truly the best medicine. With this in mind, and in honor of Veterans Day, Levy’s®, an iconic music brand known for high-quality guitar straps, partnered with Guitars 4 Vets to honor the faithful service of military men and women with two signature “G4V” straps. 

Guitars 4 Vets, founded in 2006, and which calls many musicians including Tommy Emmanuel among its ambassadors, is dedicated to providing free guitars, lessons and accessories to veterans struggling with PTSD, physical injuries and other emotional distress as a means of therapeutic healing. 

According to several sources, including research published by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, music therapy has shown positive results in veterans suffering from PTSD. Guitars 4 Vets was specifically founded on the belief that music therapy can help veterans, as co-founder Patrick Nettesheim witnessed from many veterans firsthand, and is evidenced in its slogan, “The Healing Power of Music in the Hands of Heroes.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Levy’s again this year to continue to support veterans and bring the healing power of music to our nation’s heroes,” said Patrick Nettesheim, Co-Founder, Guitars 4 Vets.

Crafted in Nova Scotia, Canada, the G4V signature straps (MPG4V-007, MPG4V-005 – pictured) are constructed of strong, lightweight polyester and feature a custom dye-sublimation printed “G4V” logo design with black backing. Stylish, arrow-shaped, genuine chrome tan leather on both ends contain pin hole stitching to prevent stretching and feature debossed G4V” and Levy’s logos. The strap measures 2” wide and will adjust to a maximum of 65” in length by virtue of its tri-glide sliding adjustment 

“Levy’s is proud to partner with Guitars for Vets,” stated Crystal Morris, Founder and CEO of Gator Co., parent company of Levy’s. “Their mission of bringing the healing power of music to our nation’s heroes aligns with our values and the importance of supporting our communities.”

The G4V straps will be available online here:
Gator Shop
Images and video available in the media download center here – credit Levy’s®
For media inquiries, please contact

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Press Release – Levy’s at the CMT Music Awards

Tampa, FL – Levy’s® will be worn by various artists performing in the 2021 CMT Music Awards on Wednesday, June 9th at 8p/7c.
Levy’s® worked with the musical director of the CMT Music Awards to outfit performers in various Levy’s® guitar straps that match each artist’s personal style. 

One of the straps is from the exclusive Right Height™ line with RipChord Technology™ which allows artists to adjust their guitar on the fly without having to take the guitar off. Other artist selections include a Western style, print designs that are as bold and unique as the artist wearing it, popular straps made from hemp, and signature, hand-crafted, iconic styles that have made Levy’s a household name in music.

“We are so excited for Levy’s to be a part of the CMT Music Awards this year with such talented artists especially as live events come back,” said Crystal Morris, CEO of Levy’s. “It’s an honor to be included in such a prestigious show that is adored by fans and music lovers!”
The star-studded CMT performance lineup consists of names like H.E.R., who will make her first CMT Music Award appearance. She will perform with Chris Stapleton. Additional artists of the show include Hailey Whitters, Niko Moon, Blanco Brown, Lainey Wilson and Dylan Scott. Hosted by superstars Kelsea Ballerini and Kane Brown, the 2021 CMT Music Awards two-and-a-half-hour show airs Wednesday, June 9th at 8p/7c on CMT, MTV, MTV2, Logo, Paramount Network, TV Land & CMT Australia.

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Press Release – Best In Show WNAMM 21′

PRESS RELEASE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tampa, FL – The winning streak continues for Gator Co., parent company of Gator Cases, Gator Frameworks and Levy’s®, leading brands known for exceptional product and innovative designs. Three new products won at the 2021 NAMM Believe in Music event, following up on wins in 2020 and 2019. In the Add-Ons and Accessories category, two of Gator’s closet hanging storage solutions for guitars received honors: *

Gator Cases Closet Hanging Guitar Bags *

Gator Frameworks Deluxe Closet Hanger Yoke for Guitars

In the Gotta Stock It category, Levy’s® won for its creative and unique offering of Guitar Strap Converters for Bags.

“We make products people need and ask for,” said Rob McCoy, Director of Product Management. “People want more space, especially now. Some people have a lot of guitars and need safe places to store them. So, we designed the ideal closet solutions perfect for college dorms and small apartments to address those needs. We want to solve problems for people and are always thinking of new ways to do that.”

“Levy’s^® makes such beautiful guitar straps that people have loved for decades,” McCoy continued. “People like custom designs, and Levy’s^® guitar strap converters are a very cool way for people to show off their style in a new and different way.”

“We are so honored to win this year’s Best In Show Awards at NAMM,” said Crystal Morris, Founder and CEO of Gator. “This is such an important tradition in the music industry. The Gator team has put so much thought, effort and passion into these products, and this recognition is icing on the cake.”

The Best in Show award was held January 25 at NAMM’s Virtual Believe In Music show. Moderated by Frank Alkyer, publisher of Music Inc. and UpBeat Daily magazines, the ceremony spotlights products, services and technologies that are expected to make a big impact in the market and industry.

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Press Release – Gator’s Multi-Use Face Masks for Eating and Drinking While Staying Safe In Public

Tampa, FL – Gator introduced new multi-use double-layered face masks, perfect for eating and drinking in public.

Originally, the masks were designed for musicians to allow them to play their instruments while wearing a mask that helps reduce the spread of aerosols. The patent-pending design adheres to recommendations from the NFHS study on aerosols*.

The masks, however, quickly became the perfect mask for lifestyle and leisure activities for anyone because its front-flap opening allows for eating and drinking while still wearing the mask.

“What makes our mask unique is that our team designed a patent-pending solution that uses magnets to keep the mouth flap open and closed,” said Rob McCoy, Director of Product Management. “This allows you to eat and drink comfortably and easily while helping to mitigate the amount of aerosols.”

“Gator was attentive to our recommendations from the International Performing Arts Aerosol Study,” said James Weaver, NFHS Director of Performing Arts and Sports and Study Chair. “They took a listen-test-and-learn approach to create products that effectively address the findings of the study.”

The masks are available in youth and adult sizes and have adjustable straps for comfort. The masks are also reusable and hand-washable.
Images and video available in the Media Download Center below – credit Gator Co.

For orders or sales inquiries, please contact​ or 813.221.4191.

For media inquiries, please contact

*National Federation of State High School study on aerosols –

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Levy’s New Releases

Levy’s introduced new additions to its accessories and strap line this year. With creative features like the Guitar Strap Converters and Thai Guitar Straps, Levy’s is sure to impress.

First in the lineup of new releases are the inventive Guitar Strap Converters. The Guitar Strap Converter Series introduces a whole new element of styling handbags or purses by transforming one’s favorite guitar strap into a shoulder strap. Fashioned from durable garment leather handcrafted in Novia Scotia, the converters are built to last and are available in black or dark brown leather colorways. The converters are sold in pairs and provide the perfect accessory for most handbag styles, including (but not limited to) satchels, totes, shoulder bags, athletic bags, messenger bags, cross-body bags, laptop bags, and camera bags.The converters can be used with hard-shell cases containing strap rings, such as band instrument, tablet or camera cases.

Levy’s also introduced leather and cork acoustic adapters. The acoustic guitar strap adapters provide a strap solution for guitars with single strap pins. The adapters connect directly to the guitar’s headstock, just above the nut. All are hand-crafted in Nova Scotia using durable leather and cork.

The Thai Guitar Straps are the third addition to the new release lineup. They are available in two models – Burgundy & Blue. The guitar straps are 2″ and include a Thai pattern design with a Jacquard weave. The straps have leather ends and tri-glide adjustment, and are adjustable up to 57″.

The Butter Banjo Straps are the last of the new release lineup and are sure to be a hit among the folk musicians. Available in black and brown models, these hand-crafted straps provide both superior comfort and quality. The straps are 2″, tapering to ½” ends, with foam padding and garment leather backing. Both straps are 55” in length.

Check out the latest releases below and downloadable images in the Media Download Center.

Credit – Levy’s

A division of Gator
P: 813.221.4191

Strap Converters

Includes two (2) leather clips with metal hardware. Fashioned from garment leather built to withstand long-term use. Clips directly to shoulder strap rings.

Acoustic Adapters

Available in black leather, brown leather, and cork.

Thai Straps

2” woven strap with burgundy Thai motif jacquard top & polypropylene webbing.

Butter Banjo Straps

2” butter leather top with foam padding & garment backing.

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Levy’s New Guitar Strap Converters

Levy’s has created a never-before-seen way to utilize their straps. After years of research and development, Levy’s introduced guitar strap converters – allowing any individual to use their favorite guitar strap as a shoulder strap replacement for handbags, purses and cases.

The handbag guitar strap converter series by Levy’s creates a whole new element of styling a handbag or purse by transforming one’s favorite guitar strap into a shoulder strap. Fashioned from durable garment leather handcrafted in Nova Scotia, the converters are built to last and are available in black or dark brown leather colorways.

“This was an exciting product for us,” said Gina Clement, Gator’s VP of Marketing & Business Development. “We have so many beautiful and high-quality straps. So, we wanted to find a completely new way to utilize them and these converters were the perfect solution. It’s fun. It’s innovative. And, it’s stylish. What’s not to love?”

The guitar strap converter series are sold in pairs and are the perfect accessory for most handbag styles, including (but not limited to) satchels, totes, shoulder bags, athletic bags, messenger bags, cross-body bags, laptop bags, and camera bags. The strap converters can even be used with hard-shell cases containing strap rings, such as band instrument, tablet or camera cases.

Check out a few product shots of the guitar strap converters below:

Includes two (2) leather clips with metal hardware. Fashioned from garment leather built to withstand long-term use.

Clips directly to shoulder strap rings. 

Available in stores and online now.

Credit – Levy’s

Downloadable photos available in the media download center below:

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Instrument Bell Covers for Back to School

Tampa, FL – In its commitment to help school band and music programs continue while adhering to health and safety standards, Gator is now offering instrument and face cover solutions that follow recommendations from the NFHS (National Federation of State High Schools) study. Gator’s product designs incorporated the study findings and insights.

“We wanted to be very thorough and thoughtful in our research and development, so we connected directly with NFHS on their scientific studies to ensure our product adhered to data-driven recommendations,” said Crystal Morris, CEO of Gator Co. “NFHS was very receptive and helpful in developing and refining our designs to create a high-quality, effective product that would be well-received and helped ensure the health and safety of students and educators.”

“Gator was attentive to our recommendations from the International Performing Arts Aerosol Study,” said James Weaver, NFHS Director of Performing Arts and Sports and Study Chair. “They took a listen-test-and-learn approach to create products that effectively address the findings of the study.”

The instrument bell covers with a pocket for a replaceable MERV 13 filter (included) are made from a breathable, non-woven polypropylene fabric with little to no back pressure or acoustic loss during performance. The fabric and the filter are expected to greatly reduce the spread of aerosols. The bell covers are available in multiple sizes ranging from 4-32 inches in diameter to fit various instruments.

The instrument face masks are specially designed with a front flap opening for easy playing while staying safe and are available in youth and adult sizes.

Covers bell opening of instrument to greatly reduce the spread of aerosols.

Equipped with removable MERV-13 Filter

Gator is taking pre-orders now.

  • Instrument (brass bell) covers with pocket for MERV 13 filter (filter included) – 26 SKUs
    • 13 sizes available ranging from 4”-32” in diameter
    • 2 colors available-black and white

For orders or sales inquiries, please contact or 813.221.4191.

For media inquiries, please contact

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The Straps For The Next Generation Of Rockstars

Levy’s has set its sights on the next generation of musicians with its newest Kid’s Strap Series. With designs like shooting stars, dinosaurs, and skull & crossbones, Levy’s wants the younger generation of rockstars to have a strap that reflects their personality.

“It was so interesting,” said Gina Clement, Gator’s VP of Marketing & Business Development. “The more we looked at the market, the more we saw a clear need for kid’s patterns and designs. If there is anyone that loves to show off their personality the most, it’s kids. Thus, Levy’s Kid’s Strap Series was created.”

Levy’s kid’s straps are available in 12 unique designs and are the perfect size for kids between the ages of 5 and 14.

Whether you’re wrapping up your first gig or launching a world tour, Levy’s has a strap for you. Levy’s offers a wide range of high-quality straps in countless colors, patterns, textures and styles, suited to every need and taste. Their straps have been worn by artists such as Taylor Swift, James Hetfield (Metallica),Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine), and even U2’s The Edge.

Check out a few of the features from the Kid’s Series below:

Shooting Star

Purple Bolt

Skull & Crossbones

Dinosaur Camo

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One-Stop Shop For All Roto-Molding Needs

Fort Wayne, Indiana – Gator is the leader in custom roto-molding manufacturing and is only one of the few Roto-molders based in the U.S.

What makes Gator unique is its superb ability beyond the molding process. While most molders will only mold, fewer do assembly, and hardly any have the  are housing, 3PL and Drop Shipping capabilities in-house. Not only does Gator rotationally mold customer’s product, they can add significant cost value with their ability to assemble, warehouse and distribute or drop-ship product.

Gator offers custom rotational molding and houses three rotational
molding machines.
a. 2.5 meter Rotoline shuttle
b. 2.6 meter Rotoline carousel
c. 3.0 meter Rotoline shuttle

Gator has virgin to 100% reprocessed resin options, along with color and other additives. Gator provides, low-cost mold making options, Internal machine shop capabilities, virtually unlimited assembly,design capabilities and engineering support, and full-service Warehouse/Distribution/Shipping capabilities on-site.

Gator’s manufacturing capabilities are endless and include but are not limited to the following:

  • Industrial – Portable Sinks, Water/Chemical Storage Tanks,
  • Outdoor – Playground, Gardening, Road Barriers
  • Medical
  • Marine – Dock Boxes, Jet Ski Stations/Lifts
  • Shipping Containers – Cases, Pallets


Gator is truly the “one-stop-shop” for any customer’s molding needs.

Check out the video below showing Gator’s capabilities in action:

Check out Gator’s full OEM Capabilities.

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Gator Adds New Mask Styles Due to Overwhelming Response

TAMPA, FL – Due to a very positive response to the first launch, Gator Co. has released a new, limited-edition line of fabric masks with more fun and stylish patterns such as peace signs, polka dots and purple berry to show off your personality. Check out the new styles now available below:

The original line of masks are also still available in charcoal, denim and taupe, and quantities of the very popular music-themed patterns will be replenished.

The masks are manufactured in Canada, and sales proceeds will go towards donations to those in need.

“We knew there was a very high demand for masks, but we were astonished by the great response our first line of masks received,” said Crystal Morris,Founder & CEO of Gator Co. “People seemed to love the patterns so we wanted to offer more options. There are so many people who want and need masks, and we can help.”

The masks are made from cotton fabric for comfort with adjustable straps for a secure fit.
Product Features:
• Machine-washable and reusable
• 100% cotton outer layer
• Cotton/poly jersey inner lining
• Adjustable straps for secure fit

Available online:

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Brooklyn Artists Design Guitar Strap To Be Given Away Free to Those Who Donate to Support Black Lives Matter Causes

This is a critically important time for our nation and the world. We are heartbroken, angry, and hurt over the injustices and prejudices towards the black community.

“This affects every human being, regardless of race, and we have a responsibility to ourselves and others to be better,” said Crystal Morris, Gator Founder and CEO. “Gator is committed to being part of the change. We do not want to sit on the sidelines as observers. We want to use our voice to spark conversations that lead to change. We all have a choice. Let’s choose to rise together.”

With this mission, Gator partnered with artists, Beatriz and Bianca Williams, to create a unique strap that will be given away with donations to organizations leading the charge. The goal is to raise money and awareness for these organizations’ missions and create a strap as a conversation piece for musicians to wear and drive dialogue with.

Starting today, for every donation over $25 that is made to NAACP Legal and Defense Fund, Center for Economic Inclusion, ACLU, Equal Justice Initiative or Color of Change, Gator will give a free, special-edition Levy’s guitar strap.

“The design of the strap represents our nation and the values we should live by – justice, respect, kindness, peace, unity, equality, and love for all, no matter the color of your skin.” said artists Beatriz and Bianca Williams. “It provides an abstract view of a deconstructed flag, demonstrating how our nation is pulled apart by racism. The inspirational words on the back highlight the values and actions that will bring our nation together in solidarity and strength.”

How to be a part of the change and receive your free strap – 2 simple steps:

1. Donate to NAACP Legal and Defense Fund, Center for Economic Inclusion, ACLU, Equal Justice Initiative or Color of Change
2. Complete short order form with contact details and donation receipt at

Afterwards, Gator will ship your special-edition Levy’s strap to you for free.

To donate and for more information on advocacy and education organizations:

• Strap not available for sale
• Currently available only in the US
• While supplies last

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Crystal Morris Wins EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2019 Award in Florida Morris recognized for her achievements as an unstoppable entrepreneur

ORLANDO, FL – At an awards gala last night, June 13, in Orlando, FL, Crystal Morris, Owner and President of Gator Co. (parent company of Gator Cases, Gator Frameworks, Gator Rackworks, Levy’s and Slappa), was announced as Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2019 Award in Florida (EOY). Widely considered one of the most prestigious business awards programs in the U.S., the program recognizes entrepreneurs and leaders of high-growth companies who are excelling in areas such as innovation, financial performance and personal commitment to their businesses and communities, while also transforming our world. Morris was selected by a panel of independent judges.

“This is an extraordinary honor, and I’m so excited to share this with the rest of the Gator family, who inspire me every day to be better. The Gator family, fans and customers are the reason why I love what I do,” Morris said. “I congratulate all the EOY finalists and outstanding leaders for their remarkable achievements.”

Now in its 33rd year, the EOY program recognizes business leaders in more than 145 cities and 60 countries.

Regional award winners are eligible for the Entrepreneur Of The Year National competition. Award winners in several national categories, as well as the Entrepreneur Of The Year National Overall Award winner, will be announced at the Entrepreneur Of The Year National Awards gala in Palm Springs, California, on November 16, 2019.

About Entrepreneur Of The Year®
Entrepreneur Of The Year®, founded by EY, is the world’s most prestigious business awards program for entrepreneurs. The program makes a difference through the way it encourages entrepreneurial activity among those with potential and recognizes the contribution of people who inspire others with their vision, leadership and achievement. As the first and only truly global awards program of its kind, Entrepreneur Of The Year celebrates those who are building and leading successful, growing and dynamic businesses, recognizing them through regional, national and global awards programs in more than 145 cities and more than 60 countries.

Gator Co.
5112 W Linebaugh Ave Tampa, FL 33624
P: 813.221.4191

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Fresh leather and comfy as ever. Levy’s has a new take on the sax strap

At 2020 Winter NAMM in Anaheim, CA, Levy’s® debuted their signature Saxophone strap series. Available in both leather and neoprene, with hand crafted designs, the new Levy’s® Sax straps feature the upmost comfort and quality.

Featuring high-end embossed leathers, the four luxury padded sax straps, feature a contoured neck shape with leather-wrapped neoprene padding for superior comfort. The Two-ply saxophone straps have 1/8-inch padding wrapped in Levy’s ® softest garment leather. The straps also feature an ‘easy slide’ medallion for cord adjustment extending up to 25 inches. The easy slide allows for single-handed adjustment while the plastic snap hook on the end creates a secure fit to the instrument. The luxury embossed leather straps are available in Deluxe Jade, Deluxe Geranium, Deluxe Black Rose, and Black.

The four printed neoprene straps include the same easy slide and adjustment length. The neoprene straps also disperse the weight of the instrument evenly across the neck and include artistic printed polyester webbing. The neoprene straps are available in Feather, Plaid, Beale Street, and Black. Levy’s® Sax straps provide the upmost comfort and style on the market. Look and play your best with Levy’s® luxury saxophone strap line

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At 2020 Winter NAMM in Anaheim, CA, Nita Strauss, famed musician and touring guitarist for Alice Cooper, previewed her first signature strap with Levy’s Leathers. The collaboration between the legendary strap brand and one of the most celebrated female musicians in the world led to a one-of-a-kind piece of rock-and-roll merchandise poised for global success.

Strauss created the design to complement the colors of her signature ‘Jiva10’ Ibanez guitar that launched in 2018. The black and gold Baroque design (pictured right) prominently features her swirl icon and her signature is foil-embossed on the leather ends.

“I wanted to make a statement with this strap, and it made sense to partner with Levy’s on this project,” said Strauss. “They’ve been making and crafting straps for over 40 years. They understand an artist’s needs, and I can’t wait to release my signature strap to the world.”

“We’re so excited about the Nita Strauss signature strap,” said Jen Tabor, Levy’s Brand Director. “Nita is a music icon. She’s been a champion for guitarists around the world, is a trailblazer for female musicians, and we are honored to partner with her on this very special strap.”

The Nita Strauss signature strap by Levy’s is anticipated to hit the market in March. They will be available from authorized dealers of Levy’s.

Fans can see Strauss on Alice Cooper’s tour, kicking off Feb. 8,
in Perth, Australia.