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Gator Adds New Mask Styles Due to Overwhelming Response

TAMPA, FL – Due to a very positive response to the first launch, Gator Co. has released a new, limited-edition line of fabric masks with more fun and stylish patterns such as peace signs, polka dots and purple berry to show off your personality. Check out the new styles now available below:

The original line of masks are also still available in charcoal, denim and taupe, and quantities of the very popular music-themed patterns will be replenished.

The masks are manufactured in Canada, and sales proceeds will go towards donations to those in need.

“We knew there was a very high demand for masks, but we were astonished by the great response our first line of masks received,” said Crystal Morris,Founder & CEO of Gator Co. “People seemed to love the patterns so we wanted to offer more options. There are so many people who want and need masks, and we can help.”

The masks are made from cotton fabric for comfort with adjustable straps for a secure fit.
Product Features:
• Machine-washable and reusable
• 100% cotton outer layer
• Cotton/poly jersey inner lining
• Adjustable straps for secure fit

Available online:

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Brooklyn Artists Design Guitar Strap To Be Given Away Free to Those Who Donate to Support Black Lives Matter Causes

This is a critically important time for our nation and the world. We are heartbroken, angry, and hurt over the injustices and prejudices towards the black community.

“This affects every human being, regardless of race, and we have a responsibility to ourselves and others to be better,” said Crystal Morris, Gator Founder and CEO. “Gator is committed to being part of the change. We do not want to sit on the sidelines as observers. We want to use our voice to spark conversations that lead to change. We all have a choice. Let’s choose to rise together.”

With this mission, Gator partnered with artists, Beatriz and Bianca Williams, to create a unique strap that will be given away with donations to organizations leading the charge. The goal is to raise money and awareness for these organizations’ missions and create a strap as a conversation piece for musicians to wear and drive dialogue with.

Starting today, for every donation over $25 that is made to NAACP Legal and Defense Fund, Center for Economic Inclusion, ACLU, Equal Justice Initiative or Color of Change, Gator will give a free, special-edition Levy’s guitar strap.

“The design of the strap represents our nation and the values we should live by – justice, respect, kindness, peace, unity, equality, and love for all, no matter the color of your skin.” said artists Beatriz and Bianca Williams. “It provides an abstract view of a deconstructed flag, demonstrating how our nation is pulled apart by racism. The inspirational words on the back highlight the values and actions that will bring our nation together in solidarity and strength.”

How to be a part of the change and receive your free strap – 2 simple steps:

1. Donate to NAACP Legal and Defense Fund, Center for Economic Inclusion, ACLU, Equal Justice Initiative or Color of Change
2. Complete short order form with contact details and donation receipt at

Afterwards, Gator will ship your special-edition Levy’s strap to you for free.

To donate and for more information on advocacy and education organizations:

• Strap not available for sale
• Currently available only in the US
• While supplies last

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Fresh leather and comfy as ever. Levy’s has a new take on the sax strap

At 2020 Winter NAMM in Anaheim, CA, Levy’s® debuted their signature Saxophone strap series. Available in both leather and neoprene, with hand crafted designs, the new Levy’s® Sax straps feature the upmost comfort and quality.

Featuring high-end embossed leathers, the four luxury padded sax straps, feature a contoured neck shape with leather-wrapped neoprene padding for superior comfort. The Two-ply saxophone straps have 1/8-inch padding wrapped in Levy’s ® softest garment leather. The straps also feature an ‘easy slide’ medallion for cord adjustment extending up to 25 inches. The easy slide allows for single-handed adjustment while the plastic snap hook on the end creates a secure fit to the instrument. The luxury embossed leather straps are available in Deluxe Jade, Deluxe Geranium, Deluxe Black Rose, and Black.

The four printed neoprene straps include the same easy slide and adjustment length. The neoprene straps also disperse the weight of the instrument evenly across the neck and include artistic printed polyester webbing. The neoprene straps are available in Feather, Plaid, Beale Street, and Black. Levy’s® Sax straps provide the upmost comfort and style on the market. Look and play your best with Levy’s® luxury saxophone strap line

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At 2020 Winter NAMM in Anaheim, CA, Nita Strauss, famed musician and touring guitarist for Alice Cooper, previewed her first signature strap with Levy’s Leathers. The collaboration between the legendary strap brand and one of the most celebrated female musicians in the world led to a one-of-a-kind piece of rock-and-roll merchandise poised for global success.

Strauss created the design to complement the colors of her signature ‘Jiva10’ Ibanez guitar that launched in 2018. The black and gold Baroque design (pictured right) prominently features her swirl icon and her signature is foil-embossed on the leather ends.

“I wanted to make a statement with this strap, and it made sense to partner with Levy’s on this project,” said Strauss. “They’ve been making and crafting straps for over 40 years. They understand an artist’s needs, and I can’t wait to release my signature strap to the world.”

“We’re so excited about the Nita Strauss signature strap,” said Jen Tabor, Levy’s Brand Director. “Nita is a music icon. She’s been a champion for guitarists around the world, is a trailblazer for female musicians, and we are honored to partner with her on this very special strap.”

The Nita Strauss signature strap by Levy’s is anticipated to hit the market in March. They will be available from authorized dealers of Levy’s.

Fans can see Strauss on Alice Cooper’s tour, kicking off Feb. 8,
in Perth, Australia.

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NEW Straps & Bags Released at 2019 SUMMER NAMM

At 2019 Summer NAMM, Levy’s released exciting new guitar straps and bags.

Right Height™ Line with RipChord Technology
This strap line using patent-pending technology allows all musicians to easily adjust their strap with a quick pull of the handle, raising and lowering their guitar without missing a beat.

Levy’s 200 Series Guitar Bags
These deluxe gig bags provide case-like protection without sacrificing the portability of a bag. Your guitar is guarded by 25mm-thick, foam-padded walls with plush lining to prevent scratches. The exterior is covered with tan-colored polyester fabric. Brass metal zippers with leather pulls stand out for a stylish appearance. Padded backpack straps can be adjusted to the desired fit, along with a side handle and grab handle for alternative carrying modes. Easily store a tuner, strings, picks, and other accessories inside the large exterior zipper pocket and smaller front compartment.

Butter Line
Levy’s Butter straps feel exactly how you’d imagine, just like “butta.” Made from our newest Pull-Up leather, the upper is soft and supple from the additional oils used in the tanning process. The Pull-Up texture allows the strap to age well and take on each musician’s characteristics like the beauty of a well-loved guitar. The Butter straps are backed with a velvety garment leather, truly making it one of our softest and strongest straps.

Sundance Line
Our Sundance line is an expression of the deep roots of the rock and roll culture and sure to be an instant classic with rich, textured leathers and luxury materials. This line features a supple, padded core wrapped around the softest leather offered. The top-grain veg-tanned leather ends and decorative stitch have a Western inspiration. Simple and elegant, the Sundance line is the perfect combination of beauty and comfort.

Lucky Line
From the four-leafed clover to the lucky number 7, the white spade and a horseshoe with rivets, the classic and timeless Lucky line will be on your side wherever you go. All straps feature double stitching and a puffed or studded detail for a little something extra.

Fruit Salad Line
The Fruit Salad line has you covered with an array of edibles that will surely delight your family, friends, fans and audiences. Get out your board shorts and flip-flops because these gems will remind you that it’s all about having a good time.

Cork Series
Eco-friendly and earth-conscious, natural cork is the newest addition to our ukulele and mandolin line . Our cork is ultra-thin, flexible, strong, and adds a textural element to our product line. The patterns are bright and bold and feature small amounts of gold fleck intertwined in the print. Try our Multi-Use line that works on all instruments with strap buttons from ukuleles to mandolins, acoustics and kids’ guitars.