Rob Kokochak

Rob Kokochak is a multi faceted musician currently based in Los Angeles. He began playing the guitar at age 12. Mesmerized by the mysteries and depth of expression of music, he quickly became obsessed and chose to devote his life to the pursuit of sound. After receiving offers to attend many of the top conservatories in the U.S., including winning the first prize at the Berklee Summer Guitar Sessions 2012 and a half-tuition scholarship, he chose to stay closer to family in Ohio, settling in Cincinnati at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music (CCM). It was here that Rob honed his skills and gained valuable experience, gigging regularly and participating in countless local creative projects. In 2015, an incredible opportunity was presented to study music in Campinas, Brazil at the esteemed Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP) for 6 months. The intense, all encompassing musical culture of Brazil had an incredibly profound impact on Rob, imparting its influence and forever changing his perspective on life and music. Upon his return he recorded the first suite of songs that would be known as the Rob Kokochak Trio, an organic and hard hitting jazz fusion trio.




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